Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So today is the second day? Of the Narnia's wardrobe event here

I actually dressed more like one of the boys when they first arrived, though, a bit more dischevaled.

Time of war.

My sister though people might think I was mintally ill when they say me wearing this. She mocked "Why are you wearing that?"
I wisper screamed "FOR NARNIA!" haha see, look, war face!
aw I crack myself up;)
I tried something new today for my acne. I put 2 table spoons or reg. suger and 1 or brown suger and a drop or two of hony into a little container with some water and used it as a facial scrub. I'll use it until its gone (unless it irritates my skin) and let you know if it works.
I'm not sure how well it will go, I know scrubs can agitate acne more then heal it sometimes.
Yeah I tried some tree hodge but I had to use lipstick as my fake blood things we're playing hide and seek:b
Now go get dressed up like a Narnian! L<3ved

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