Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My friends:)

Of course I don't have photos up here of all my friends, but I'd like to share a few special moments.

Taken by Aubrie's phone.
Shot by miss Karen. (my other mother:)

Taken by Aerial? By the way, when Aerial spent the night, my hair brush dissapeared and a fork was left in its place. Coincedence? I think not.

Lydia and Alaijha shot by me.

Lydia, photo taken by who? Edited by Lydia or Aerial? Tis a mystery. Call Nancy.

Ireland shot by Aerial with Iries phone. Edited by my favorite grand daughter-Aerial.
My cherished teen moments:) L<3ved
P.S. I signed myself up to be on the year book commity this consists I love homeschooling!

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  1. Hahaha(; I lovee yu grammmy! lol And I have no idea why a fork came into yur room!? I think it must have walked in,. Magic fork?(;