Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Extreme pattern mixing

So today I was having trouble "being inspired" most the time when I feel like that, I pull out this lovely green, tribal patterned jacket. So today I decided as I stared at my clothes, that everything I wore had to be patterned. Even the pocket watch and the shoes. This was the result: I liked it very much. As usual, when I don't think about an outfit, it somehow turns out perfect:)
Jacket: Vintage-Grandma's attic
shirt: Vintage-Grandma's attic
swim suit cover up: gift-Nana
skirt: free-clothes givaway
apron: Vintage-Grandma's attic
pocket watch: girft-Friend
Shoes: hand-me-down/gift-Friend

Thats right ladys and gental men, this outfit was free to me! Didn't cost me anything. At all. Score!

So on Saturday night I went with my friend to go see the Jazz musical 'aint misbehaving," it was good, but not quite what I expected. You can read more at http://stonewallfarmlife.blogspot.com/2010/08/guest-post.html

By the way, how in the world can I get copy and paste to work on blogger? I had to type out that address above. Also, that post gives away my real name *cry* Oh well.

Mom: You know its hot outside right?
Me: So?
Mom: okay.
It was pretty hot too! But I stayed inside most the day (I know, shameful;) I think I'll wear this my first day of my new co-op this year, as I'm sure it will leave a lasting impression.


  1. Can I have that beautiful watch mmkthnxbaii xD

  2. I think this combination is very fascinating,like those blankets that have many different patterns.I like them because there is always something new to see.The centre is the beautiful watch,yes.