Monday, August 23, 2010

Male modesty

As you may have noticed I put up (by the way, what does op mean? No little red line appeared before it as when I tried to type up, so I'm assuming its a word) a poll in the side bar about male modesty.

There is no question in my mind that guys can be in modest. But its just a bit more socially excepted.

So we have all of these hilarious vampire movies coming out and well, I'm sure you already know who I'm going to bring up. Jacob black, yes that kid, the one who takes his shirt of every ten minutes for a little bit of mild porn.
But the thing is, this isn't something that most people notice as being immodest, this is socially excepted because guys don't have breasts. I'd actually like to do a bit more research on male modesty history, and discover how the shirtless trend came about.

The bottom line is, just as girls can help guys sin by showing too much skin, guys can make girls sin just the same.
Think I'm wrong? Just go to the movies and watch the girls lust over Jacob.

Oh my, wouldn't it be amazing if my future husbands mission was to create modest bathing suits for guys? Since thats my mission for girls.


P.S. I'm not just talking about the skinny minnies, just as people don't like to see over weight girls in bikinis, they don't like to see overweight men or boys topless.


  1. hehehe Oh my! Your last comment made me laugh! But you are right about this guy and usually people don't think that as being immodest but it is! I'm glad that young ladies see that too. Thanks for this post!

  2. I agree 100%! As I like to say "Taylor Lautner wasn't taking off his shirt because it was to warm on the movie set!" It is completely immodest!

    Allison ♥

  3. Thanks for your support girls:)

    Your so funny Allison:D I think I might start using that if you don't mind.

  4. My personal opinion is this: modesty is as much in attitude as it is in clothing.

    I personally don't think it's generally immodest for guys to go without shirts. (I myself usually wear a shirt, even when I'm swimming, but that's just because I'm pale and scrawny, and I feel self-conscious.) However, if they're doing it with an attitude whereby they are flaunting their physical attributes with the intention of being tempting to girls (e.g. Taylor Lautner), there certainly is a problem.

    Synesthetically Yours,
    Jacob Johnson

    (P.S. Don't take any of my opinionated comments as disagreeing with you. I still agree with the core thesis of your posts, I am just offering a different perspective.)